Vi lanserer nå et enkelt nettsted spesielt med tanke på våre eksisterende kunder i Norge. Maningen med dette er å informere litt om hva som skjerm fremover med Goal Sport, utveksle erfaringer mellom brukerne, ha en plass å spørre om hjelp og en plass å samle ønsker om endringer og forbedringer.


Our software will help you to easily manage what, where and when content will be displayed on the multiple digital assets from your sport arenas.


Master the in-stadia production fastly with our applications for live switching, replays, slow motion and match highlights editing.


Essential multi-function software adaptable for many sports. Manage the scoreboards, mark relevant situations of the match, assign players to events.


You can quickly input data about players, teams and matches. It makes it easy to upload all essential information for sport broadcasting as for example multiple player pictures and movies.


Our software especially designed for sport referees will provide operators with accuracy and speed for reviewing along with the intuitive usability to support the most decisive situations of the match.